High-performance, flexible CNC machine for Wood with Carpentry, Aluminum,Composites
and Large industrial solutions.

D Series

BCM D Series BEST CNC Routers 

●  Airtech pro dust -free system that make job easy 

●  CE standard ( Active protection safety system) 

●  One choice , many works can do 

Edge Banding Machine

BCF506 Edge Banding Machine 

● Top Quality Edgebanding 

● Perfect Finishing 

● Technology easy to use 

● UK , Germany , dubai Warehouse Support

Wood lathe

1.Dual-axis automatic grinding function, one-time forming while turning, no need for secondary grinding.

2.Pneumatic pressing cylinder, just press the switch to press the wood to tighten the wood, no need for cumbersome operations.

Six Sided Drilling Machine

Ability of BCD2812D 

1. Pure six-sided, 8 hours working time 700-800 pieces panels any size (punching and slotting)

2. Five-sided and six-sided mixed, 8 hours work time 900-1100 pieces panels any size  (punching and slotting)

3. Pure five-panel parts, 8 hours working time  ,the qantity of panels any time 1000-1200 pieces  (punching and slotting)

4. Pure punching five panels, 8 hours working time, the Quatity of panels is 1300-1500 pieces (pure punching)

5. Best operation 1 person is enough 

CNC Routers
Edge Banding Machine
Wood lathe
CNC Drilling


The widest range of production technologies for customers operating in the furniture ,housing fields,Sign making,3D foam Mould and Composites, either industrial giants or small workshops.


Jinan Bcamcnc Machinery Co., Ltd , a professional machinery manufacturing company, with 6000 square meters factory,a highly specialized workforce and more than 10 Patent Technologies has gained a global reputation as one of the mostCNC

What Customer are saying about Bcam Machine ?

I’m a crusty old cabinet maker, far from a computer guru. I’m thankful to be able to send e-mails, that’s about the extent of my computer knowledge. Needless to say I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be smart enough to use your software and run our new CNC machine. The truth is I, in a very short timeframe, am cutting up all my cabinet parts to include arches and any other shape I can draw. I’m amazed at how easy the BCAM CNC is to use. We put out more cabinets this last week than what we would typically have put out in a month. Thank you for a great product and incredible service!

I have received praise for the wise tool purchase.In my opinion the BCM1325D CNC is far and away the best balance of construction, cost, and performance on the market period.

Following my purchase of a BCAM CNC Router 4 years ago, , I have just taken delivery of a Bcam flat bed router. Installation and set up was in a tricky location but Rob and Alex did a great job in installing the machine and setting it up. Extremely professional and a reasuringly high level of technical expertise sorting out some small installation niggles. Long may this level of support continue. Its early days but the machine is working as it should, is well built and cuts beautifully. Thanks once again BCAM .

Great service, I bought a machine from another company who I will not mention and regretted it from day one. 

After contacting Bcam they took my machine in as trade in and have given me excellent training and been super patient with me in regards to learning their machine.

BCAMs' trainer Jason is first class and a very nice chap, he has helped me go from a complete novice to a confident CNC user, so far I am very satisfied with both the product and service received. 


BCAM comprehensive in the production, design, manufacturing, trade and service of CNC machine and provide high quality and good efficienct CNC machines worldwide.


BCAM comprehensive in the production, design, manufacturing, trade and service of CNC machine and provide high quality and good efficienct CNC machines worldwide.

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