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Samsung C&T Corporation's Purchase of CNC ROUTER from BCAMCNC Machinery Group

Upload to:04-22 2024

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Seoul, South Korea, April 22, 2024 – Samsung C&T Corporation, a prominent construction conglomerate in South Korea, recently announced the successful acquisition of the latest CNC ROUTER BCM1530D series from BCAMCNC Machinery Group, further solidifying the partnership between the two entities.

The latest CNC ROUTER BCM1530D series is widely acclaimed for its exceptional performance in cutting aluminum materials, featuring high precision and stability, making it the preferred choice for Samsung C&T Corporation. This purchase not only underscores BCAMCNC Machinery Group's leading position in the CNC technology field but also strengthens the close relationship between the two parties.

BCAMCNC Machinery Group has been committed to providing high-quality CNC technology equipment, standing out in the industry for its innovation and reliability. Meanwhile, Samsung C&T Corporation, as a globally renowned construction enterprise, maintains stringent requirements for supplier quality and technology. Therefore, the selection of products from BCAMCNC Machinery Group is testament to its reputation and status in the industry.

It is reported that this collaboration will further enhance BCAMCNC Machinery Group's brand image and attract recognition and visits from more large-scale enterprises, contributing to the implementation of its globalization strategy.

Executives at BCAMCNC Machinery Group stated, "We are honored to collaborate with Samsung C&T Corporation. This transaction not only affirms the quality of our products but also supports our global market strategy. We will continue to strive to provide high-quality products and services, creating greater value for our customers."

Representatives from Samsung C&T Corporation also expressed, "BCAMCNC Machinery Group's CNC technology equipment enjoys a strong reputation in the industry. We believe that this collaboration will bring more win-win opportunities for both parties. We look forward to further deepening our cooperation with BCAMCNC Machinery Group in the future, jointly promoting the development of both parties."

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