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BCAMCNC Successfully Wins Trust from Kaefer Group's Australian Branch

Upload to:04-22 2024

BCAMCNC Successfully Wins Trust from Kaefer Group's Australian Branch, Australian Branch Purchases BCM1530C-4 Axis CNC Router Machine, Qatar Branch Also Makes Similar Purchase

BCAMCNC, as a leading global manufacturer and solution provider of CNC equipment, proudly announces that the Australian branch of Kaefer Group has selected our products and successfully purchased a BCM1530C-4 Axis CNC Router machine. This move not only deepens our cooperation with Kaefer Group but also demonstrates our technical strength and reliability in the field of large-scale mold engraving machines.


Kaefer Group is a century-old German multinational corporation dedicated to providing high-quality engineering solutions for global industries such as construction, shipping, energy, and chemicals. As a renowned engineering and technical service provider globally, Kaefer Group is well known for its expertise and excellent services.

The Australian branch of Kaefer Group focuses on providing diversified engineering services and solutions for local and surrounding areas in the Asia-Pacific region. With rich experience and strong capabilities in industries such as construction, mining, and energy, it is a significant participant in the Australian engineering industry.

The BCM1530C-4 Axis CNC Router machine will become a key production equipment for Kaefer Group's Australian branch, used for processing mold foam and producing large-scale pipelines and industrial cast iron parts. Our technical engineer, Jason, will be on-site to provide professional after-sales service and technical support, ensuring smooth production and continuous high efficiency of the equipment.

In addition to the BCM1530C-4 Axis CNC Router machine, Kaefer Group's Australian branch has also expressed strong interest in our other products, including five-axis CNC Router machines and laser metal cutting machines. We are honored by their high praise for the stability and performance of our products and will wholeheartedly meet their future needs.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Kaefer Group has also purchased similar equipment for its Qatar branch, further demonstrating trust and recognition of our products.

The procurement by Kaefer Group's Australian branch not only recognizes the quality and after-sales service of our products but also consolidates our leading position in the international market. We look forward to further cooperation with Kaefer Group and its other international branches, jointly promoting the development of global industrial manufacturing.

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