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What are the advantages of 3d 4 axis CNC router wood router machine?

Upload to:01-14 2023
What are the advantages of 3d 4 axis CNC router wood router machine?

The 4 axis wood CNC router machine can do curved surface engraving, only for all-round engraving of curved plates and round plates. Regardless of whether the curved plate is 180-degree or 90-degree shield, it can be carved naturally, and the carving effect of each angle will not be deformed.

Another type of ATC 4 axis wood router is also known as a rotary axis CNC router. We are adding a rotary device to this type of CNC machine a 3 axis CNC router as compared to a 3 axis CNC router. The rotary device mainly realizes the processing of cylindrical workpieces. The carousel can be in any position, either in the x-axis or y-axis direction. In addition to this, the rotary unit can not only be placed on the machine, but also be independent of the machine. Operation, maintenance and transportation are more convenient. Therefore, this four-axis CNC router engraving machine can realize cylindrical workpiece machining and planing pieces.

4 axis cnc router E.jpg

Features of 4-axis cnc router machine:

1) The large steel square tube structure has been seamlessly welded and hardened, with large bearing capacity and long service life, ensuring firmness, reliability and durability.

2) Highest quality components: high precision, high efficiency, long service life, ensuring HSD ATC spindle, incremental inverter, TBI ball screw, Yaskawa service, Syntec control system, etc.

3) Humanized and beautiful design with creativity. Breakpoints Specific Memory Breakpoints Breakpoints that maintain fragmented state across power outages, time prediction handling, and other features in case of unexpected power outages. The emergency stop button, which appears during an accident, will not cause any harm. Gorgeous machine appearance and high-quality paint make the machine beautiful.

4) Perfect detail processing technology: every detail has been processed very carefully to create a perfect machine.

5) The operation is simple and safe, and the maintenance cost is low. The simple and popular operation manual enables users to quickly understand how to operate the machine safely. The factory provides free training. As the machine is of the highest quality, maintenance takes less time and costs less.

6) Many optional configurations and OEM services are available. Depending on your requirements, we will provide different configurations. Provide OEM service.

7) 24-hour mature and perfect after-sales service system eliminates worries about the future. One year free warranty and lifetime service; overseas engineers can be dispatched.

Application of this 3D 4 axis Wood CNC Router Machine:

Furniture industry: cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wood, antique furniture, panel furniture.

Decoration industry: screen, corrugated board, aluminum-plastic board, billboard

and signature making.

Arts and crafts industry: artificial stone, artificial board, bamboo, marble carving.

Instrument: Guitar

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