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How to maintain your CNC wood cutting machine?

Upload to:01-14 2023
How to maintain your CNC wood cutting machine?

With the continuous development of science and technology, people have gradually abandoned manual cutting equipment and turned to custom furniture manufacturing, which can be used in various industries such as woodworking cutting machinery, wooden doors and furniture.

The woodworking cutting machine is currently the production equipment widely used in the whole residential customization industry, and it is also one of the important equipment in the panel furniture production line. Gradually replace existing cutting equipment such as table saws, and use professional furniture design and dismantling software to realize the production of customized cabinets and wardrobes, improve production efficiency, save labor costs, and make furniture factories more profitable.

Many people contact CNC router cabinet furniture manufacturers when purchasing a cutting machine.The first question is "How much is the XX woodworking cutting machine?" The price of the cnc wood router cutting machine is very important, but we should not blindly pursue the price and ignore the quality and after-sales of the cutting machine. supply. At present, the strength of woodworking cutting machines is uneven. Some manufacturers maliciously compete at low prices, use inferior accessories, and cannot guarantee after-sales service.

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First, you need to know that all equipment has a cost. Woodworking cutting machines are usually divided into regular configuration and advanced configuration. The general configuration generally adopts domestic parts with guaranteed quality, and the high-end configuration generally adopts imported parts. Therefore, the cost of advanced equipment is higher than that of general equipment, but not lower than that of general equipment. If the price of the cutting machine is much lower than that quoted by other companies, you must be careful and may fall under the manufacturer's marketing routine.

Secondly, the prices of various woodworking cutting machines are different. cnc router with automatic tool changers are functionally superior to four-lane cutters. There are 40,000-60,000 Dao knives on the market, and cnc router bits for wood the quality varies. The price of an inline machining center ranges from 70,000 to 100,000. Different manufacturers have differences in configuration, craftsmanship, and after-sales quality.

So, what features should a practical 4 axis woodworking cutting machine have?

1. Equipped with auxiliary feeding and dust removal devices, it is convenient for manual feeding and saves labor, and at the same time it can effectively clean and collect the processed vertical garbage.

2. The strong adsorption capacity with vacuum adsorption table is not used during the processing.

3. Equipped with high-power servo motor and driver, it is suitable for complex products or various processing varieties, and has a wide range of applications.

4. Equipped with dismantling software to improve the utilization rate of boards and avoid wasting all boards.

5. 1 button to start, stop, locate, install the board, it is more convenient to improve work efficiency.

6. Besides the hardware, another aspect of the equipment is the aftermarket. When using machines, breakdowns are inevitable. If there is a problem, the customer will solve the defect first, so as to reduce the loss and not affect future use.

Advantages of wood cutting machines

1. Improve the utilization rate of the circuit board. The woodworking cutting machine uses a milling cutter to cut materials, and the direction can be rotated arbitrarily. You can trim special shapes. The self-developed software newly developed by CNC cutting machine Xingye CNC is used for automatic optimization, and the average utilization rate of each board is 2.7-2.8 square meters.

2. Seek labor. Two people can operate a table saw, and one person can operate several wood cutting machines. Used with edge strip swivel lines. Only one person required (for automatic loading and unloading machines only).

3. Reduce labor intensity, dry the table saw 60 pieces a day, back pain, leg pain after a day, waist will definitely be sick after a year. The wages of workers are high, and skilled workers are difficult to manage. The woodworking cutting machine is simple and easy to operate, which can effectively save labor costs.

4. Fast cutting speed. The woodworking cutter works continuously, the table saw is pushed away and stopped, and the board moves left and right. Workers' physical strength and time are spent on moving boards and adjusting rulers. up.

5. The woodworking cutting machine has less dust, and the vacuum effect is obviously better than that of the table saw.

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