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What is the function of frequency conversion CNC cutting machine?

Upload to:12-30 2022

What is the function of frequency conversion CNC cutting machine?

CNC cutting machine equipment has become the darling of the furniture industry, and the CNC cutting machine is composed of dozens of spare parts. Without spare parts, the machine will not work properly. Today, let's talk about inverters. The frequency converter changes the operating power frequency of the motor. Control unit that controls the power of the AC motor.

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The driving motor of the wood cutting machine needs to drive the machine to complete heavy loads such as cutting, slotting, and drilling, and the power consumption of the action is large. If the motor uses "hard start" to run directly on the load, it will seriously affect the power grid, and such a start puts forward high requirements on the power grid capacity of the furniture factory. equipment and piping. In addition, the current when the motor starts is 5-6 times higher than the rated current value, which not only consumes a lot of power, but also affects the service life of the motor. When the inverter is started, the motor can be "soft-started", the starting current starts from "0", and the maximum value does not exceed the rated current. Inverter drive can be used for "curve" smooth start. When the inverter current load side is short-circuited or the output current exceeds the normal value, the current can be cut off immediately to prevent the motor from burning out.

What should be paid attention to when using and installing inverters?

1. Considering the heat dissipation effect, the internal structure of the inverter should be installed vertically or vertically.

2. Do not be afraid of heat or install components that are prone to heat in the inverter.

3. If the fan of the cutting machine fails, check and cut off the power immediately to prevent the inverter from overheating.

4. Regularly measure the electrostatic capacity according to 85% of the rated value.

5. The normal working temperature should be between 0-55°C, but for safety reasons, when the temperature is lower than 44°C, the desiccant or electric heater should be placed in the control cabinet together with the inverter. ;

How to correctly regulate the operation of CNC cutting machine

As the main equipment in the panel furniture industry, the woodworking CNC cutting machine is deeply loved by customers in the furniture industry. In order to ensure the normal operation and product quality of the wood CNC cutting machine, it is necessary to formulate a relatively complete set of CNC cutting machine operating procedures. So what should we do? ?

1. Preparation before work

2. Check whether the voltage, air pressure and oil pressure are normal. Parts that are manually lubricated must be manually lubricated first.

3. The tools used must meet the acceptable specifications of the machine tool, and the damaged tools must be replaced in time.

4. Manually reset each coordinate to zero (machine origin).

2. Precautions during work

1. Do not touch the rotating spindle or tool. For example, when measuring workpieces, cleaning agents or equipment, stop the machine first.

2. When the machine tool is running, it is not allowed to adjust, measure and change the lubrication method of the workpiece, so that the hand touches the tool, the fingers are not injured, and the operator is not allowed to leave the column. . If the machine tool is abnormal, stop it immediately.

3. In case of danger or emergency, press the red "emergency stop" button on the operation panel to stop the operation.

3. Matters needing attention after the work is completed

1. Clean up chips, wipe the machine tool, and keep the machine tool clean.

2. Pay attention to the condition of lubricating oil and coolant, and replenish or replace them in time.

3. Turn off the power on the operation panel of the machine, and then turn off the main power.

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