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How to choose the Best suitable CNC Router Machine?

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How to choose the Best suitable CNC Router Machine?

The Main parts of one set CNC Router Machine:

Table kind and Size, Spindle power and working mode; Inverter , Motor , Driver’s power and brand, Guild Rail size and Brand, Machine working Mode (Rack Pinion, or Ball Screw; Reducer or Belt); Lath Body thickness ,material, machining producer and painting producer; Electric Cable Brand and lifetime;

1.  According to your Products and Material to Choose Machine kind and Table Size
Machine kind and Table size is dependent on your  products and main material’s max size.
(1) If you produce furnitures or doors, you’d better choose the Professional Woodworking CNC Router Machine, gernal model size is  1300*2500mm, 1500*2500mm , 1500*3000mm, 2000*3000mm,2000*4000mm and atc. The General Model is single head with DSP/ Nc studio control system, such as our BCM1325A Plus, BCM1325S, BCM1530S,BCM2030S model Machines.
If you want to make the furniture or doors with 2 or 3 different tools for different in one drawing and finish in one time, You’d better choose  the Middle Level is Simple ATC Machine with Multi-workstage , such as our BCM1325C, BCM1325D, BCM1325S-3 Head(With Rotating spindle for Side drilling and milling).

If your work is complex, and products are hight level, at this time, you should choose the  Professional Auto-tool Changer CNC Router Machine Center, it can change 6, 8, 10 tools once time. Such as our BCM1325C, BCM1325D,MS1325E, etc..

(2)  If you want to make Wood, Foam, EPS Mould, you should choose the Professional Wood &Foam Molding CNC Machinery, such as our BCM1325MS, BCM1530 4 AXIS,BCM2030 4 AXIS,(With Rotary for 3D)

(3)  If you want use the machine to make crafts , gifts, not big piece, material is wood, pvc, plastic, glass, etc., you can choose Mini CNC Router Machine, such as our BCG6090, BCG1212 Models, also you can choose the Multi-heads CNC Carving Machines, such as our BCS1212, BCS1325, BCS1530, BCS1530,BCS2030, they are economic and High efficiency, you can produce several workpiece once time.

If you want to do 3D Crafts, also can choose the Multi-head CNC Router Machine with Two Functions, one is plane table for Plane material’s Engraving and Cutting, the other one is with several Rotaries for 3D Workpiece’s Carving. Such as our BCM1530S-4 Head, BCM2030S-6Head, BCM1530S-12 Head, etc.

(4) If your main material is Marble , you should choose the professional Heavy Stone/Marble Carving CNC Router Machine, such as our BCS1325 Model machine. Its special design with water spray cooling and table tank, no worry about the marble’s processing to damage the machine.

(5) If you have wood, PVC, Marble, Plastic, and other material, you not only want to do engraving and cutting on soft material, you also want to cut thick metal fastly, so now, suggest you to choose the Wood CNC Router Machine with Plasma Metal Cutting Head Machine, such as our BCP1325,BCP1530,BCP2030,BCP2040 Model.

2. How Choose the suitable power of machine’s Spindle
Spindle’s working mode and Power are the important for the CNC router Machine. Generally, according to the working mode, spindle is divided into two kinds. One is Water-cooling spindle, the one is Air-cooling spindle. Choose the suitable spindle, it depends on your material and your country local weather’s Max temperature. Of course, the material (product) is more important.
1) If your material is soft kind, such as MDF, PVC, and you want do the smaller piece crafts, the lower power water cooling spindle , 2.2KW, 1.5KW is Ok.
2) If you want to produce the furniture or doors, engraving and cutting, we suggest you choose the Air-cooling spindles.  When the material is solid wood, you’d better choose the spindle power over than 3.5KW. If the material is MDF, 3.5KW, 4.5KW.7.0KW 9.0KW for you is enough.

3. Control System kinds.

Generally, in China, there are three kinds control system for CNC Router Machine, DSP Control System, Nc Studio Control System, Taiwan Syntec control System. For NC Studio, there is copy version and original version, Original version is more suitable.Taiwan Syntec is more function support most 99% G code .

4.  Machine Guide Rail
There are many kinds of Guide Rail in China, generally, will use the Taiwan Brand kind. Taiwan Hinwin is better brand, but you should take care about this, some companies  use the copy kind for their foreign customers.
For 1325 model machine, 20mm, 25mm size guide rail  is enough, but for bigger size CNC Router Machine, you should choose the bigger size guide rail, such as 30mm.
Big size CNC routers must adopt imported  widen square rails.